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Kimberlie Furness

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Kimberlie Furness, Chiropractor

Kimberlie was on a mission to be a Chiropractor from the age of 12 years old. 


Growing up, her parents preferred natural healthcare and took her to a Chiropractor to help with migraines, which were plaguing her life and interfering with her tennis. Being so impressed with the great results and the whole experience, she decided on her future profession there and then. 


Soon after graduating from the 5 year degree in Melbourne, Kimberlie travelled to the UK to do locum work and travel. There she met her future husband, Mike and together they started a practice in the farming town of Hexham, Northumberland, which she ran for 5 years with her sister Shannan on reception.


In late 2000, it was time to move back to Australia to be closer to family, with their two year old son Max and 2nd son Kobi on the way. 


Lotus Chiropractic was born in her parents’ lounge room where she started adjusting friends and family, with her sister Shannan being instrumental in booking appointments and helping the practice grow. In 2003 the practice moved to a shop front in Mt Eliza Way, which was to be the home of Lotus for 10 years.


Kimberlie’s dream to have a purpose built home for Lotus was realised when Mike bought an old Kindergarten in the Mt Eliza Village and designed the building that holds Lotus today. 


Pregnancy care for women/families and checking babies after birth is a major focus of our practice. Kimberlie has completed four years of post graduate training in pregnancy and paediatric care, though helping to keep her incredible seniors, some in their late 90s, vibrant and healthy with regular Chiropractic is equally rewarding.


The vision of Lotus is preventative healthcare for generations of families. Kimberlie’s greatest joy is taking care of families, especially children she used to adjust, growing up and bringing in their own children. Having Lotus for twenty years means she has been privileged enough to welcome the next generation. She’s planning to be here long enough to be adjusting another one in the future.

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