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Kimberlie Furness

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Kimberlie Furness, Chiropractor

Kimberlie, together with husband Mike, were the founders of Lotus. Lotus Chiropractic began in a shopfront in Mt Eliza Village in 2003, before moving to its purpose-built sustainable home in 2012 and evolving into the current vitalistic healing centre.


After completing her 5 year Chiropractic Degree in 1992, Kimberlie moved to the UK to locum and travel. It was there that she opened her first practice in Hexham, Northumberland. Moving back home to the Peninsula, she is excited to be running a family centred practice, where wellness care and healthy spinal function are the main focus.


Having completed four years of post-graduate study in paediatrics and pregnancy care, Kimberlie has a special interest in checking newborns and helping to optimise her clients’ birth experiences. As a qualified birth educator, she teamed with a midwife to run Active Birthing Workshops at Lotus for 10 years. Her three children were born at home and she also attends Lotus client’s births as part of the birthing team. She is thrilled that Lotus offers free lactation consultant breastfeeding support as another vital key to growing healthy children.


Kimberlie is the President of the Peninsula Chiropractic Group (PCU) which founded the Hands on Health clinic in Dromana. Hands on Health clinics provide Chiropractic and natural therapies to financially disadvantaged members of the community and Kimberlie is honoured to be a regular volunteer.

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