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Remedial Massage Services

Remedial Massage Services

If you have a particular muscle issue or are holding tension in a specific part of your body or your are suffering with a chronic, long term muscle problem, then a remedial massage may be just what you need.

As remedial massage is focused on particular muscular issues, it often involves firmer or deeper massage techniques to address the specific muscular problem.  The treatment may also involve mobilisation of joints and stretching techniques.  If you prefer a lighter massage, just let your therapist know and they can tailor your massage to your preference.

Our remedial massage therapists at Lotus will always take a thorough history and perform an exam to determine the appropriate treatment and will provide you with a specific treatment plan for your care.

Stressed? Need to relax?  Our massage therapists are also trained in relaxation massage which is focused on relieving tension throughout the entire body, rather than focusing on a particular problem.


Relaxation massage is often lighter than remedial massage and involves relieving tension through your entire body.

Please read our cancellation policy for Myotherapy and Massage Services Here

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