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Mary Smart

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Mary Smart, Lactation Consultant


Mary Smart is a Lactation Consultant and qualified Naturopath (ANPA). Her career in naturopathy spanned twenty years but a growing interest in breastfeeding led her to complete postgraduate studies in Professional Lactation Consultancy at RMIT and then registering as an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC).Her interest in breastfeeding quickly turned into a passion and she now practices solely as a Lactation Consultant.

Using principles that are scientifically based and her own intuition, Mary has developed a style that is heavily individualised. She believes in not only educating a new mother and her family, but also encouraging her to trust her own instincts. It is this early intervention that can make the breastfeeding journey one of life’s most pleasurable and fulfilling experiences.

Mary and her husband have four children and three grandchildren and live on the Mornington Peninsula where Mary walks daily and practices yoga and mindfulness regularly. She loves nothing more than being surrounded by her family and sharing in the joys of watching her grandchildren grow.

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