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Connect Well

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

The first of the Lotus Pillars of Health is Connect Well. Connect Well incorporates both the connections within our body through our nervous system and our social connections with others.

In order for the innate intelligence of the body to function at its highest level, it needs no interference. The goal of Chiropractic is to remove interference to the expression of health by removing ‘subluxations’ or spinal joint misalignments. Hence the messages to and from the brain can travel up and down the information superhighway inside the spinal column, unimpeded; reaching every organ tissue and cell.

Though this idea seems simple, it's powerful in its simplicity and one of the ingredients of a vitalistic lifestyle.

At Lotus we have a team of Chiropractors who each has their own unique brand and style of practising Chiropractic, which may involve slightly different techniques and areas of post graduate training. Together we have more than 88 years of practice experience. Ultimately we are all united for the same purpose; to help people to reach their health goals and be their best version of themselves, with minimal need for drugs or surgery.

Staying connected requires more than Chiropractic care alone. As mammals we have an inherent need to build relationships with other humans, to have community and purpose. Touch and human interaction are vital from our first breath on earth to the last.

People need family, friends and social connections for balance and optimal mental, emotional and psychosocial health. Many experts who have studied the civilisations of the blue zones (populations where people live much longer than average) argue that strong social connections are probably more important than diet or exercise, which we often focus on in western culture.

5 Ways to stay connected:

1. Get your spine checked regularly by your favourite Lotus Chiropractor(s)

2. Be intuitive!! Listen to your body and minimise medications that switch off messages such as pain and inflammation. Symptoms are important and keep you in touch with your inborn intelligence.

3. Take time to work on your relationships. Keeping in touch with family, date nights with your partner and making time to spend with close friends are really important for your wellbeing and longevity.

4. Sit down as a family to eat together at least 3 times a week. Life is busy and we can become disconnected and distracted from the people who are most important to us. Turn off screens, actively listen to each other and connect over a home cooked meal.

5. Have some structured time unplugged from devices. In our busy world of social media, we are becoming more and more isolated as human beings. We need touch and human to human interaction to stay our healthiest and most connected. I frequently remind my children, “People are more important than screens”.

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