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Myotherapy vs Massage

by Dr. Troy Miles

Massage vs Myotherapy

How is Myotherapy different to Remedial Massage?

There can be a lot of similarities between a Remedial Massage and Myotherapy treatments as they both address specific muscular issues and are functional in their approach.

Generally, Myotherapists use a greater range of techniques and are qualified to clinically assess and diagnose musculoskeletal injuries. Remedial massage primarily uses hands on massage techniques including deep tissue massage; a Myotherapist will also use these techniques but has a more specific focus on trigger points in a muscle. They will also use a range of techniques such as dry needling, cupping, strapping, rehabilitative exercises, myofascial stretching or a TENS machine to address these trigger points and muscle tension.

The other difference is in the training for each discipline. Generally, a Remedial Massage therapist has completed a Cert IV in Massage Therapy and a Diploma of Remedial Massage. Myotherapy training will usually involve these 2 qualifications with an additional year to receive an Advanced Diploma in Myotherapy or a Bachelor’s Degree in Myotherapy.

At Lotus both our Myotherapists and Remedial Massage Therapists are registered with a nationally recognised association and may be claimed through some Health Insurance Policies.

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