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Lotus 5 Pillars of Health

As part of our Lotus rebranding in 2019, we explored how we can continue to to support our community towards optimal health. This led to the development of the Lotus 5 Pillars of Health.

The 5 Pillars represent the aspects of health that we focus on at Lotus to promote health and wellbeing. For each pillar of health, we encourage you to take a few minutes and make a note (written or mental) about things that you are doing well and areas of your life where you could improve. It is important to acknowledge your wins and recognise the areas which need more attention.

Connect Well

  • An optimally functioning spine and nervous system is the connection between your brain to your entire body (mind-body connection).

  • Maintains connection to your inborn wisdom.

  • Maintain strong social connections with your close friends and family as well as your community.

Think Well

  • Cultivate a healthy mind.

  • Utilise positive mind power and mindfulness to take charge of your thoughts.

  • Feed your soul - take time to do what you love.

Move Well

  • Promote optimal neuro-musculo-skeletal function via movement and exercise as structure governs function.

  • Optimal posture and balance.

  • Breathe - every cell in your body needs oxygen to function well.

Eat Well

  • Nourish your body with a mainly plant based diet, with carefully sourced animal protein (if you choose).

  • Water - adequate hydration is vital.

  • Minimise toxins, preservatives and additives.

Sleep Well

Adequate rest and rejuvenation promotes:

  • Optimal growth, repair and healing

  • Balances hormones (including neurotransmitters

  • Improves brain health - ie. memory, emotional regulation and capacity to learn

Over the coming weeks we will discuss each of the pillars individually and share our top tips on how to be your best version of you.

Supporting generations of families in their lifetime quest for greater health and human potential.

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