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Working from home - how to stay your best.

Through the recent Covid-19 crisis and resultant self-isolation and state imposed lockdown, many of our Lotus clients have relocated their offices to home. Most school children are homeschooled at present, which has provided interesting challenges and ongoing stress for parents and students alike.

Lotus Chiropractors have noticed a huge increase in people complaining of shoulder pain, neck stiffness, tension headaches and lower back ache. Many people are booking extra checkups to help them to cope with all the changes to their usual desk setup and normal daily routine.

Making your home office or children’s desk as ergonomically sound as possible is vital for maintaining the optimal health of your spine. Here are some tips to help you stay cool, calm and comfortable whilst working from home……

1. Bring your work desk and chair home if at all possible, your chair at the very least. Find the best desk or table which allows your computer screen to be at eye level. You can use a standing desk converter, some books or a box.

2. Plug in a separate keyboard and mouse so you can change your space and avoid tilting your neck downwards or having a turkey neck peering at a screen.

3. For the schoolkids, try working on your tummy on the bed for a change from sitting.

4. Don’t sit down without your water bottle. Many report being in a habit of drinking water when out and about or at work, though forget to sip water when home. Coconut water is a great option for a change and lemon or orange slices in water make it more appetising.

5. Get up every hour and go outside for 5-10 minutes. Eyesight deteriorates from lack of sunshine more than constant screen usage. Set your phone or timer to ensure you don't forget.

6. For the adults, walk around during phone calls and have walking meetings if possible.

7. Go outside and exercise during your lunch break. As you are saving time each day not driving to work or school, use that time to exercise for at least 30 minutes. Cycling, running, shooting baskets, yoga, walking, skipping and stair running are all fabulous ways to reset your brain for better efficiency in the afternoon. Don’t forget to take your kids out with you if you have school age children.

8. Avoid starchy snacks and too much bread, potato chips or grains as they can make you feel tired after lunch. Cut up some fresh fruit and veges so your body stays nourished and energised. Try not to overeat just because you can!!!!

9. Lay your spine longways on a posture pole or foam roller at the end of a work day to reset the forward posture. Do some abdominal breathing with longer out breaths than in breaths to calm your nervous system. You can use rolled up towels or a pool noodle but make sure you keep your knees bent and stop if it’s painful.

10. Be kind to yourselves and remember that this is a tough situation for everyone. Try to have a sense of humour and reach out to others who may be struggling, especially children. Be as adaptable and creative as you can to make the best of it.

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1 Comment

Sep 19, 2023

I'm genuinely appreciative of this article, which offers valuable guidance on maintaining optimal health while working from home. It underscores the importance of ergonomics and self-care, aligning with the principles that chiropractors prioritize overall well-being. Thank you for sharing these practical insights that can make a positive difference in the lives of remote workers and emphasize the holistic approach we chiropractors advocate for.

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